Our Values


Your information is sacred us to. We won’t share it outside of anyone in our organization.


When we sold our 1st company it took 7 months and 50+ pages of legalese to close the deal. That’s crazy! Selling a company shouldn’t be such a hassle.

We hate pointless legalese and wish we could wear shorts and sandals every day. Half the fun of being an entrepreneur is not having to report to the man, so we have no plans of going back to that.

We Work 1st

Other acquirers will have you do a ton of homework and ask a bunch of questions that eat up your time. Instead, we do as much of the work ourselves. This is especially true when entrepreneurs give us access to their Stripe accounts. Of course we’ll have to ask some questions and get info from you, but we make sure that we carry as much of that burden as possible up front.

We don’t want to distract you from the important thing: running your business!

Honest But Kind

Obviously we don’t acquire the majority of businesses that we see. When something isn’t a good fit we won’t tell you some fake reason to be polite: we’ll give you the truth, and be kind while doing it! We want to be friends with everyone we run into, regardless of whether we end up completing a transaction.


We respond, fast.


We’re open about how we do things around here: we’ll tell you what multiple (2x-4x) we generally pay for acquisitions, and if we make an offer we can even detail how we got to that number, if you like.