Is the US Actually Third World?

Seems like the only news you see is the bad stuff. And if you have some high-end provider through or one with dozens of news outlets, then it seems like your exposure is tripled. While it’s certainly true that there is also good news as well as bad, you rarely see it moving to the forefront. And, unfortunately, much of the bad news in recent years has involved the brutalizing of women and children.

While it’s certainly true that the US has experienced a kind of shift in consciousness with regards to women, there has been a backlash that is just as ferocious. This has led some to question whether or not the US is truly the first world utopia we believe it is – or is it secretly third world.

To understand this train of thought, it helps to understand what is meant by “third world.” Many people believe it has to do entirely with the economic standing and, while that’s a factor, it isn’t the definitive trait. Stabilization – or lack thereof – and treatment of the people are also defining characteristics.

When the news constantly gives us stories about women and children being used and abused, one can’t help but feel like we’re, as a culture and a country, in severe decline.

Gay Marriage As A Federal Or State Issue

With its recent hearing at the United States Supreme Court, the issue of federal recognition of gay marriage is currently at the forefront of American media. More so than ever before, the general public is open to the discussion of whether gay marriage should be legalized, whether gay relationships should be restricted to civil unions, and which governing bodies have the right to define marriage.

The 1996 federal Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as between one man and one woman. As such, federal tax codes are written in such a (more…)

Immigration Policy And Reform In The United States

Few topics are as divisive in the modern conversation as the issue of immigration. While immigration, particularly illegal immigration, costs the United States billions upon billions of dollars every year, these immigrants also fill many jobs, pay taxes and help to keep the economy moving. This makes immigration reform a very tricky subject to broach. The current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, has gone to bat with this thorny policy problem many times. Generally speaking, the current President’s efforts have put him on the side of the immigrants but not always on (more…)

The Balance Between Individual Privacy And Homeland Security

Global terrorism has caused a major panic on United States soil and it feels like homeland security policies have been invading our individual private lives in recent years. The truth is that the government can virtually access anyone’s digital footprint. In today’s age, the average person uses the internet, wireless cell phone networks and GPS signals on a daily basis. All of this digital data can be stored for years on servers and then accessed by the government when there is a reason to investigate someone. (more…)

Zero Tolerance Policies For School Bullying: Do They Work?

The debate over zero tolerance for school bullying is a topic that takes on many varying opinions. List below are argument that support and don’t support zero tolerance policies for school bullying.

When Zero Tolerance Works

Zero tolerance works when teachers and school administrators apply the rules fairly and on a consistent basis. Excusing the actions of certain students because “that’s just the way they are” is an example of when zero tolerance is not applied consistently. Not using professional discretion (more…)

Scholarships For Children Of Illegal Immigrants: Fair to Citizens?

Many United States citizens are angry over proposals to provide college scholarships to the children of illegal immigrants. With tuition costs soaring and crippling student loan debt being the reality of a significant number of recent graduates, these feelings are understandable. After all, the average U.S. family cannot afford to put their children through college anymore. However, proponents of providing the children of illegal immigrants claim that educating these kids is in the best interests of (more…)

The Role Of Heroism And Justice In American Schools

When people think of heroes, they think about people who are almost superhuman. They think that heroes are people who could not possibly do wrong or make mistakes. What they often fail to think about is that heroes are people first, and that in many ways, they are simply people who have chosen to refuse to abide harm or danger to others. One thing that American schools could learn is that heroism and justice can be very commonplace things.

Our definition of a hero as it is understood (more…)